Toddler Nutrition

Sugar and Sweeteners: How to Naturally Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

With Canada's obesity levels on the rise, and a greater understanding of just how bad for us sugar can be, the hunt i...

What are the best supplements and food sources of vitamin C for pregnancy, moms, babies and toddlers?

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that boosts the immune system and helps ward off harmful pathogens. In this Q&...

What are some good food sources of beneficial bacteria for mom and baby?

Probiotic supplements for baby and mom are a great way to "cover your bases" when it comes to your baby's microbiome....

Choline: A Critical Nutrient for Babies, Kids and Mamas

Choline has recently been designated an essential nutrient.  It works very closely with other B vitamins, helping you...

Red Meat: Why it's a Recommended First Food

Red meat has stirred up some controversy in the recent past. When we look at the research, it becomes clear that incl...

What are some of the best types of fish to give our little ones?

We all want our little warriors to have the benefits from fish; omega 3 fatty acids, brain loving DHA and EPA. The pr...

Does my child need a multivitamin?

In theory, it is possible for a child to get all of the nutrients they need from food alone, but in reality this can ...

Zinc Deficiency Stunts A Baby's Growth. Is Your Baby Getting Enough?

Without enough zinc a baby can have lowered immunity and decreased cognitive development. It is critical that they a...

Top 10 Back-To-School Health Tips For Moms

These back to school health tips are extremely effective at helping to prevent our kids from getting sick. They also ...
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