Is it dangerous to feed my baby undercooked egg yolk?


Marianne asks: “Are there any dangers of feeding my baby undercooked egg yolk?”


Great question! The reason we suggest soft cooked eggs is for digestion. It’s easier for our little ones to digest a softer yolk because it contains more enzymes necessary to help them digest this nutrient dense superfood. Here is a quote from Dr. Katherine Erlich, MD who specializes in childhood nutrition:

“Why serve soft boiled? Animal foods are very rich in heat-sensitive enzymes, but overcooking destroys them, reducing their digestibility and making the food more allergenic. Also, cooking the yolk until firm makes it dry and chalky, and your baby won’t swallow it as easily as the warm, runny yolk”- Dr. Katherine Erlich, MD

This being said, it is IMPERATIVE that you buy high quality pasture-raised eggs. We recommend buying them straight from a farmer you can trust. The eggs from animals raised on pasture and allowed to roam free, self select their diet, follow their instincts, etc., will be healthier animals. Their nutrient profile will be better and the risk of them being diseased will be less. It's important to not be fooled my fancy marketing labels at the grocery store. Here is a great article that discusses the difference between a high and low quality egg. 

The concern about salmonella is drastically reduced in a healthy egg. Here is an article from the Weston Price Organization that can provide more information on this.

Sometimes Mama's can be concerned about staphylococcus. The CDC explains that this bacteria is found on the skin and in the nose of about 25% of healthy people and animals. It usually does not cause illness in healthy people, but Staph has the ability to make toxins that can cause food poisoning. People who carry Staph can contaminate food if they don’t wash their hands before touching it. An example where eggs would be involved is with someone in a food processing plant. If this person has Staph on their skin and touches a food they are producing like egg salad sandwiches (without washing their hands!) then the Staph can make toxins, which would make it dangerous to eat. Since that food is not cooked after it has been contaminated, someone could get sick from eating it. Another reason to avoid processed food ;)

We at Little Warrior Nutrition are VERY particular about our eggs. We would choose to not feed our babies an egg yolk before we would give them a conventionally farmed yolk. 

If you are looking for more info on how to prepare eggs for your baby check out this Q&A: What is the best way to cook egg yolks for my baby?

Keep up the great work mama's!! Happy Feeding :)

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