What is the best way to introduce eggs to my baby?


Abby asks: "What is the best way to give a baby eggs when first starting solids at 6 months?"


The best way to introduce eggs is by starting with the egg yolk.

1) Boil the egg for about 5 minutes.

2) Let it cool down under cold water so you can handle it.

3) Peel away the shell and the white leaving an intact but still liquid yolk.

We like to put the yolk in a small bowl and add a very small pinch of Celtic sea salt. Don’t be afraid of using a tiny bit of good quality salt here. It’s actually beneficial for digestion and brain development. It will add a few trace minerals into their diet as well.

The reason we suggest soft cooked egg is for a couple of reasons. The first is digestion. A softer yolk contains more enzymes necessary to help them digest this nutrient dense superfood. The second is that it keeps the choline intact – a super critical nutrient at this stage. Choline is important for brain and nervous system development.

We recommend giving one egg yolk daily after 6 months of age.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not the time to opt for the discount eggs! Buy the absolute best eggs you can find. Ideally pasture raised organic eggs. We get ours from a local farmer we trust. Spend the time once, sourcing the best you can find and then keep buying them.

We can't stress enough the importance of using a high quality egg. There really is a big difference between a highly nutritious egg and their cheaper counterparts.

Cheers to making every spoonful count :-)

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