What is the recommended dose of oral Vitamin K for newborns?


Ariadne asked "I was wondering if anyone has any information on oral vitamin k dosage for newborns? I don't want to do the vitamin k shot."



The vitamin K shot is very different from the vitamin K drops. It is important for each parent to do their research and decide for themselves what is the right option for their child. There are always risks on both sides of the equation. It is important to know these risks to make an informed decision.

The following article provides some interesting information about why Vitamin K is so important in newborns as well as the shot and oral options; The Vitamin K Shot in Newborns.

If you decide to do the oral dose instead of the shot, know that most people do the 3 doses of 2mg (once at birth, again at 2-4 weeks and again at 6-8 weeks). However, research suggests that a weekly dose would be better and more effective for preventing late VKDB (vitamin K deficiency bleeding) even in babies with gallbladder problems.

The recommendation is 2mg at birth and then 1mg weekly for about 6 months. Tip: Set your phone alarm so you don’t forget!

Please discuss these dosage options with your Naturopathic Doctor and compounding pharmacist. You do need to get a prescription for this (from your ND) and in most cases you will need to have done your research to know the risks of choosing not to do the shot as well as the reasons you have chosen to go with the oral version.

Having it compounded in a pure olive oil is best. If you are having trouble finding a compounding pharmacist in your area who can prepare this solution for you, feel free to search or post a question in our Little Warrior facebook group

We also strongly suggest that breastfeeding mothers load up on K1 daily (green leafy vegetables, green juices, Brussel sprouts, etc.).

Disclaimer: At Little Warrior Nutrition we believe that parents have the right to informed choice. This article is not meant to persuade you to choose the shot or the oral dose. We are providing the research so you can make a choice that is best for your family. Whatever decision you make should be made with the support of your child's Naturopathic Doctor. 

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