Little Warrior Way (Online Course): Nourish Your Child To Their Full Potential

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Esther Epp and Briana Santoro, Certified Nutritionists, and Founders of


Research shows that the first 1000 days of life are the most critical for brain, body, metabolism, and immune system development. We know that optimizing key nutrients during those sensitive times of development will have a lifelong effect on the development of your child.

Eating the wrong foods and consuming a diet lacking in key nutrients during this time, is linked to a host of health issues ranging from picky eating, food allergies, and eczema, to stunted growth, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. 

With these principals in mind, we have created this program to help you Nourish Your Little Warrior To Their Full Potential.

We know how passionate you are to do everything in your power to give your little one the best start in life. To raise an iron clad child who is ready to take on anything. A child with a powerful immune system who is sharp, strong, and nourished to their full potential. 

At your request, we have taken hundreds of hours of research and distilled it into this jam-packed live course. Our goal is to empower you so that you can charge forward into this feeding adventure with confidence – knowing we have your back, and you have everything you need to succeed. This is it Mamas!


    1. Optimizing first food introductions: Why the warrior way
    2. Signs of readiness
    3. Purees vs baby led weaning (which is best and when)
    4. Best feeding supplies to optimize success
    5. Strategies for raising an adventurous eater: How to create a positive relationship with food
    6. Avoiding food allergies: Best time to introduce new foods 
    7. Feeding schedules (how to introduce foods in conjunction with breast/bottle feeding)
    8. Which nutrients are most critical for nourishing a little warrior from first foods to 2 years
    9. What amount of these critical nutrients is OPTIMAL for each stage of development
    10. What foods are the most nutrient dense in each of these critical nutrients
    11. The low-down on infant cereal
    12. First foods to focus on and tips for food preparation as well as recipes
    13. Which supplements and in what dose are best for optimizing a vegan, vegetarian, paleo, whole foods, or nutrient-deficient diet 

We look forward to supporting you during this exciting time so you can be confident you are nourishing your little warrior to their full potential! 

Your Mama Warriors,

Briana and Esther

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