Launch Week

You have come to know and love us as Superfood Babies. When we launched this company our goal was to support you from pre-conception to early childhood with the best information, the best supplements, and the best support. Through and through we are committed to helping you and your little one thrive at every step of the way. That will never change.

As we have grown alongside you, we realized that our mission was much larger than our name. We needed a brand that could hold up to the drive that each of us have to raise our littles to be the healthiest they can be. We wanted you to resonate with that deep down feeling of confidence, knowing that you are prepared to go the distance to do everything in your power to provide your children with the absolute best start in life. We wanted to capture not only this drive we have as mothers, but also the type of child we are striving to create.

We want to warmly welcome you to Little Warrior Nutrition (

Wondering what a little warrior is? Glad you asked!

A little warrior is the embodiment of strength. An iron clad child who is ready to take on anything. A child with a powerful immune system who is sharp, strong, and nourished to their full potential.

In celebration of our new brand we are offering you crazy deals, gifts and tons of free resources all week! Yup, you heard it correctly. This is LAUNCH WEEK, and you are invited. To celebrate not only this new brand, but this new identity, we will be offering a 15% discount store wide for this entire launch week. Offer ends midnight Monday April 22nd. Just use the code LAUNCHWEEK when checking out.

Additional Launch Week Deals:

  • Free product samples with every order
  • Complimentary copy of our Favourite Resources Guide (our resources we use to build a little warrior!)
  • Access to our vault of the Healthy Mom Toolboxes from month one until now

Take some time to poke around and check out our new digs!

Welcome to the Nutrition Revolution. You have found your tribe.

From your warrior mamas,
Bri and Es

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