Superfood Babies Private Facebook Group 

This closed group is created by moms, for moms. Whether you are just trying to get pregnant for the first time or you are already a mom, this group is for you! 

The two of us (Esther Epp and Briana Santoro) are both moms and Certified Nutritionists. 

We have made it our mission to provide mothers with the critical information they need to know about nutrition and healthy living to be able to give their kids the best start in life. 

This no judgement zone is a safe space to learn, connect, grow, share, and at times maybe even laugh and cry. We are all on this journey together.

In the group feel free to post questions, observations, stories (the good and the not so good), helpful information, recipes, etc. 

This is a safe place for moms to learn and grow together as we all work towards providing our kids with a healthy start in life. 

HOUSE RULES [Updated January 2019]

This group is meant to be a fun space for sharing and learning. We ask that you follow some basic guidelines to help ensure everyone gets the most out of their experience.

1. Be Kind And Courteous

No judging, criticizing, attacking, or negative comments. Basically, be nice to the other moms in the group  Remember, not everyone needs to agree, but everyone does need to be nice. 

2. Offer Stories Not Advice

Do NOT tell other moms what to do or how to raise their child. Instead, share your stories and experience, as well as any research that may be useful to them when making their decision.

3. No Promotion Or Advertising

No third party advertising, solicitation, or sales of products or services without prior consent. We have pre-approved some experts we align with to post valuable content to the group that we believe will provide incredible value to everyone here. If you are a practitioner, have a business, or have content that you think would be interesting to our group, please ensure you reach out ahead of time for pre-approval.

4. No Solicitation Or Private Messaging

If you are a practitioner in our group, it is against the rules to promote your services or private message group members to sell them on your services or provide additional advice without prior consent.

5. No Hate Speech, Bullying, Offside Comments, or Spam

Material that is unlawful, obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, slanderous, hateful or embarrassing to anyone else will be removed. No chain letters or 'spam'.

6. No Vaccine Questions Or Debates

Please refrain from posting vaccine questions/discussions in the group unless they have been pre-approved. There are many wonderful resources and groups dedicated to facilitating this discussion (whether you are for or against vaccinations) and we welcome you to join those communities to get the resources/answers you need to make your decision, whatever it may be.


We reserve the right to remove content and terminate involvement by users who post such content.

The information on this group is for information purposes and is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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