Vaccine Drainage Protocol - Pre/Post Vaccination

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This price does NOT include the cost of supplements. Once you purchase this service we will reach out to discuss your child's current health status and put together a custom supplement protocol for your child. We will also jump on a call with you to walk you through the protocol we have created in detail and discuss how to implement this with your child. The supplements we recommend and the dose we provide will be specific to your child. On average the additional supplement cost associated with this type of protocol is approximately $250. It's an incredible investment into the future health of your Little Warrior. We look forward to supporting you both.  


If you choose to vaccinate it’s important to be aware of the risks. Please be sure to do your research re: vaccine ingredients, various delayed schedules, and choose which one’s you believe are important for your children. Similarly, if you choose not to vaccinate (or choose selective vaccination), it’s important to understand those risks as well. 

For parents who choose to vaccinate, it’s beneficial to do it safely by supporting the child’s body to ensure they are in optimal health when receiving the vaccine. In addition, supporting the body with drainage and detoxification before and after the vaccine may reduce the risk of side effects.

Vaccinate when:

  • The child is well
  • Has been on an immune boosting protocol
  • Has been on a protocol designed to help:
    • Drain the liver and kidneys
    • Prevent the binding of vaccine material to the cells 

Reasons one may consider delaying/avoiding vaccinations:

  • Child is ill or running a fever
  • There were adverse reactions to previous vaccinations including allergic
  • Has developed a temp of 38c after previous vaccinations (not proper immune response)
  • Has had one or more convulsions or has a family history of such
  • Has a neurological condition (epilepsy, ADHD, ADD, autism, etc.)
  • Has an immune deficiency or is taking immunosuppressive drugs
  • Has developed swollen joints or arthritis symptoms following previous vaccinations
  • Difficult birth, premature/low birth weight (if premature, you could consider going with adjusted age)
  • Signs and symptoms of inflammation, and their expression through skin (eczema, increase in food allergies and sensitivities)

This is a 4-6 week protocol which can be done before and in preparation of vaccines, that can also extend (repeatedly) through vaccination schedule or serve to drain between vaccines. 


This service is at all times restricted to consultation on the subject of health matters intended for general well being and is not meant for the purposes of medical diagnosis, treatment or prescribing of medicine for any disease, or any licensed or controlled act which may contribute the practice of medicine. As Certified Nutritionists, we encourage all clients to continue to visit and be treated by his/her healthcare professionals. We are NOT advising you to, or not to vaccinate. This is entirely your decision and this protocol is meant for information purposes. Vaccine decisions should be made with the involvement of the child’s paediatrician. In no way does this protocol guarantee that your child will not experience an adverse reaction from a vaccine. It is meant to provide nutrition support with the intention of strengthening the body in preparation for vaccines.

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