The Curve Kit

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The Curve Kit contains the 4 tissue salts and the 4 homeopathic remedies discussed in the Tissue Salts And Homeopathy Curve For Illness guide.  
The Curve Kit Contents: 1 Ferrum Phosphoricum 6X, 1 Natrum Muriaticum 6X, 1 Kalium Muriaticum 6X, 1 Kalium Sulfuricum 6X, 1 Aconitum Napellus 30CH, 1 Belladonna 30CH, 1 Pulsatilla 30CH, 1 Antimonium Tartaricum 30CH

Illness is an opportunity for the immune system to learn and grow. When illness strikes, the faster we start to support the immune system with the tools it needs to heal, the faster the child/adult will recover, and the less likelihood of the illness progressing to something more serious that requires medication such as antibiotics.

In the Tissue Salts and Homeopathy Curve For Illness guide, we provide a simple visual tool (The Curve) to help you understand when to use these remedies, depending on the symptoms and stage of the acute illness. In the guide we also provide detailed dosing instructions (newborn to adulthood). CLICK HERE to learn more about this helpful tool and how it can help you and your family when illness strikes. 

Safe for use in pregnancy, breastfeeding, and easy to administer to babies. 

NEED A REFILL? If you need to replace any of the products from The Curve Kit, you can purchase them individually HERE

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