Pregnancy Kit (2 Month Supply)

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We no longer sell these products bundled in a kit, but individual products are still available for purchase. For calcium - look for the Cal-Mag Liquid Vanilla plus, and for probiotics consider the Multi Strain Probiotic Powder. 

This prenatal supplementation kit is designed to provide a baseline supply of the nutrients important for pregnancy. 

No single product contains all the important nutrients for pregnancy. Therefore, it is important to take a group of supplements that when consumed together create a balanced supply. 

This kit was put together by Certified Nutritionists Briana Santoro and Esther Epp. 

"We put this kit together to help moms from pre-conception to early motherhood receive the important nutrients they need to support a healthy pregnancy. When we put this protocol together we were dedicated to ensuring each supplement was the best in it’s category, each supplement contained minimal non-medicinal ingredients and the ones that were there served an important purpose and were high quality ingredients, we wanted to ensure that each medicinal ingredient used met our criteria for high quality source and that the dosages provided would give you the optimal amounts required to help promote a healthy pregnancy and baby."

This kit contains the following supplements:

NOTE: This kit provides a 2 month supply of supplements

1 Pre Natal: This is a high quality prenatal supplement that contains the activated form of folic acid, offers a number of nutrients in therapeutic doses to provide fantastic nutritional support, and has been formulated using high quality and absorbable forms of nutrients.

1 HMF Multi Strain: The acquisition of beneficial flora in the newborn can be significantly enhanced if the mother takes a probiotic during pregnancy. This helps reduce the chances of the infant developing eczema and allergies by supporting the immune system. Taking a probiotic during pregnancy may also help support the intestinal function of the mother. We can get beneficial bacteria from the food we eat (eg. fermented foods like sauerkraut and yogurt). However, we often don't get enough beneficial bacteria in our food or enough of the right strains to recolonize the gut or provide the optimal support required during pregnancy. 

1 K2+D3: Prenatal supplements typically don't include the very important nutrient K2 which is why it is important to supplement it in addition to your prenatal. Can help with fetal development of the teeth, facial form, and with building strong bones. We know that calcium is important for bone and teeth formation, however, we require vitamin D3 to absorb calcium and then K2 is required to transport the calcium to the proper location in the body. You can consume vitamin K2 in some foods like grass-fed animal products (not conventionally raised animal product), Dutch gouda cheese, some fermented foods like natto (a fermented soy product), etc. It is often challenging to get enough of this nutrient in our diet because of how we raise our animals and supplementation helps to ensure we get enough.

2 Calcium + Magnesium: Calcium can help with fetal bone and teeth development as well as promoting a healthy heart and nervous system. Calcium needs go up during pregnancy and high-quality supplementation may be beneficial. Magnesium is also important during pregnancy and needs to be consumed in balance with calcium. This product provides highly-quality absorbable forms of these nutrients. 

1 Cod Liver Oil: An essential source of fat soluble vitamins including EPA and DHA. DHA can help with fetal brain development. Adequate amounts of DHA may help prevent post-partum depression. 

THIS IS A CLIENT-ONLY PRODUCT: If you are currently a client of ours please proceed with your purchase. If have not ordered from us or worked with us before and are ordering one of our client only products, no problem! Once you complete your purchase we will be in touch to confirm the products you are choosing are the right ones for you. As Certified Nutritionists we are committed to ensuring all of our clients are receiving an appropriate supplement protocol. This additional service we provide is completely free of charge!  

Probiotics are final sale. 

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