Liposomal Vitamin C

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We love this product as its an immune enhancing heavy hitter.  Its the product we turn to when our little ones are feeling run down- or have come down with something, they need a little help to beat.  It's our medicine cabinet must have (only we keep this in the fridge).  Liposomal means that this vitamin C will easily make it into the cell- passed the cells "fatty" membrane with superior absorption compared to water soluble vitamin c. 

Liposomal Vitamin C provides this key foundational nutrient formulated with liposomal technology. Liposomes are spheres made of phospholipids—the primary building blocks of cell membranes. Owing to this structure, liposomes bond easily with cell membranes to facilitate intracellular delivery of their nutrient cargo. Thanks to this enhanced delivery and absorption, nutrients delivered in liposomal form offer superior absorption and bioavailability. 

Each 5 mL serving (approximately 1 teaspoon) of this lemon flavoured formula provides 1000 mg vitamin C, as sodium ascorbate. The 130 mg sodium per serving helps to further facilitate absorption of vitamin C.

Made with non-GMO ingredients.

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