Iodine-O-Might: Organic Kelp Powder

Product image 1Iodine-O-Might: Organic Kelp Powder
Product image 2Iodine-O-Might: Organic Kelp Powder
Product image 3Iodine-O-Might: Organic Kelp Powder

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Simply sprinkle this excellent source of iodine into meals to support your little warriors’ brain development and thyroid function.

Do you know if your child is meeting optimal amounts of the critical nutrient iodine, every day? At Little Warrior Nutrition we aim to put the power in your hands so you can confidently and proudly answer this question with a resounding "Hell Ya!".
Too often we see parents struggle to get their kids to eat a nutritious diet. This can leave children nutrient deficient and parents stressed. That struggle ends now! Our line-up of nutrient-dense food powders, including IODINE-O-MIGHT, gives you the tools you need to help confidently nourish your family to their full, fuelled potential.
As moms, we get how challenging it can be to balance a hectic schedule, while also trying to source and prepare meals day in and day out that are jam-packed with nutrient goodness. Our goal is to simplify your life. We source the highest quality ingredients, and provide them in an easy-to-use powder that can be sprinkled into your everyday family meals.
Why kelp? Kelp—a mighty sea vegetable and one of nature’s most excellent sources of iodine—is the critical mineral required to help your little warrior reach optimal thyroid function necessary for brain development. Powered by geothermal energy, our unique low-temperature drying method locks in all of kelp's vital nutrients.
Simply hide a sprinkle of IODINE-O-MIGHT, or enjoy its mild salty flavour, in your family's favourite foods, from eggs to hummus or rice to veggies, to help boost their nutrient density. Don’t just feed them, fuel them!

Ingredients: Organic kelp sustainably harvested near mineral-rich geothermal hot springs of Icelandic waters.
Storage: Reseal after opening. Refrigeration not required.
Serving Size: Get a whopping 1,200 mcg of iodine in just 1/8 tsp of IODINE-O-MIGHT!
Size: 100 g
Little Warrior's Feed it Forward Program:
Your purchase feeds a child in need. Proceeds from the purchase of this product help feed children in need through our partnership with Thrive for Good and their commitment to helping communities create Life Gardens that nourish children with sustainable healthy organic food. Together we can all make a difference, and nourish children today, so they have a healthy tomorrow.
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