Female Fertility Kit (2 Month Supply)

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This Female Fertility Supplement Kit is designed to provide supplemental support for women wanting to optimize their egg quality, increase the chances of conception, reduce the risk of miscarriage, and improve the health of the baby.  

This product should be used along with the MALE FERTILITY KIT which can be found HERE

No single product contains all the important nutrients for optimal fertility. Therefore, it is important to take a group of supplements that when consumed together create a balanced supply of the important nutrients. 

This kit was put together by Certified Nutritionists Briana Santoro and Esther Epp. 

"As Certified Nutritionists we know that diet and lifestyle factors play a key role in supporting your fertility. We put this kit together to support women through the conception phase of their journey. When we put this protocol together we were dedicated to ensuring each supplement was the best in it’s category, each supplement contained minimal non-medicinal ingredients and the ones that were there served an important purpose and were high quality ingredients, we wanted to ensure that each medicinal ingredient used met our criteria for high quality source and that the dosages provided would give you the optimal amounts required to help improve the probability of conceiving and reducing the risk of miscarriage."

This kit contains the following supplements:

NOTE: This kit provides a 2 month supply of supplements

2 Oocyte: Women are born with all the eggs they will every have. However, our eggs are paused in an immature state until they are chosen 3 months before ovulation to undergo a major transformation. It is in these 3 critical months that we can influence its quality and reduce the risk of chromosomal abnormalities. These abnormalities can lead to difficulty with conception and an increased risk of miscarriage. This supplement is specifically designed to improve egg quality and is a critical supplement for any woman planning to conceive.  

1 NFH Prenatal SAP: This is a high quality prenatal supplement that contains the activated form of folic acid, offers a number of nutrients in therapeutic doses to provide fantastic nutritional support, and has been formulated using high quality and absorbable forms of nutrients.

1 HMF Multi Strain: They unborn baby starts to develop their microbiome in the womb. The health of their microbiome is correlated to the health of the mother's. Ensuring that the mother's gut health is optimized before pregnancy is important for the future health of their baby. We can get beneficial bacteria from the food we eat (eg. fermented foods like sauerkraut and yogurt). However, we often don't get enough beneficial bacteria in our food or enough of the right strains to recolonize the gut or provide the optimal support required during pregnancy. This probiotic that we recommend provides a high does and multiple strains. 

1 CanPrev D+K2: Optimizing vitamin D levels is one of the most effective ways to increase fertility. Over 40% of Canadian women have a vitamin D status below 50mol/L. Studies show that vitamin D levels below 75 nmol/L reduced the likelihood of pregnancy by 44%. Having this product in the kit provides the additional D you need and allows us to increase your levels with therapeutic dosing if necessary. 

1 Cod Liver Oil (500 ml): This provides an essential source of fat soluble vitamins including EPA, DHA, and Vitamin A. It is important to make sure these nutrients are optimized going into pregnancy.  

THIS IS A CLIENT-ONLY PRODUCT: If you are currently a client of ours please proceed with your purchase. If you have not ordered from us or worked with us before and are ordering one of our client only products, no problem! Once you complete your purchase we will be in touch to confirm the products you are choosing are the right ones for you. As Certified Nutritionists we are committed to ensuring all of our clients are receiving an appropriate supplement protocol. This additional service we provide is completely free of charge!  

Probiotics are final sale. 

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