Formula-fed Baby Kit

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We no longer sell these products bundled in a kit, but individual products are still available for purchase.  

This Baby Supplementation Kit is designed to provide an infant with the basic supplements they need for the first 6 months of life. This kit is for formula-fed babies. If your baby is breastfed you can check out our Baby Supplement Kit (For Breastfed Babies) here

This kit was put together by Certified Nutritionists Briana Santoro and Esther Epp. 

"We are committed to helping babies get the best start in life. There is strong evidence to support the need for babies to have optimal nutrition. Unfortunately many babies are not receiving what they need and are negatively impacted as a result. The nutrients that are provided in this kit help to ensure some of the most important nutrient needs are optimized during this critical stage of development." 

This kit contains the following supplements:

PROBIOTICS (HMF Baby F for Formula-fed Babies): The Swansea Baby Trial showed that infants taking probiotics were 44% less likely to develop an allergic reaction to common allergens. The probiotic in our kit provides the strains used in this study and a higher dose than most infant probiotics.

VITAMIN D (Nordic Naturals Baby D3): Less than half of infants meet the American Academy of Paediatrics recommendation for vitamin D. The vitamin D provided in our kit is made with organic olive oil as opposed to non-organic fractionated coconut oil. 

DHA (Nordic Naturals Baby's DHA): Vitamin A is important for optimal immune function, growth, and development. However, many formulas contain high amounts of synthetic vitamin A so we don't recommend a cod liver oil for these babies and instead recommend they optimize their DHA status with this supplement. This is important because most babies are not getting enough DHA, which supports cognitive function, brain, and nerve development.  

*Every purchase receives a complimentary call from a Certified Nutritionist to discuss product questions and dose. We can discuss which formula your child is taking and will adjust the dose accordingly to support optimal health. 

Probiotics are final sale. 

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