Children's Diet Assessment

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Are you certain your child is getting all of the critical nutrients they need to grow optimally? 

Studies show a child’s diet during the first few years of life permanently programs the structure and physiology of the child. In addition, nutrient deficiencies may increase the risk of heart disease, insulin resistance, allergies, asthma, obesity, cognitive difficulties, and more.

When you sign up for our Children’s Diet Assessment we will email you our in-depth paediatric intake form, which includes a 3-day food journal. Using this information our team manually calculates how much of each key nutrient your child’s diet currently provides. We plot these amounts on a proprietary chart that illustrates whether their diet is meeting optimal amounts for essential nutrients needed to thrive. 

This diet assessment is perfect for a young child who is breast, or formula fed and has started to introduce solids.  

It's also ideal for the toddler or young child who’s sole nutrients are coming from food alone.  

In addition to this detailed chart, your report will include instructions outlining how to optimize each nutrient to ensure your child has what they needs to flourish.

Sign up for a custom Children’s Diet Assessment TODAY!

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