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Potency: 30CH

Homeopathic Medicine is a complete system of diluted medicine that follows the principle of like cures like. In basic terms, what this means is that if an individual is experiencing a symptom (illustrating the body is out of balance), a very specific and diluted homeopathic remedy that “matches” that symptom will support the body in a way that helps it heal itself. Take for example, cutting an onion; just the thought of the vapours may send tears down your cheeks. If these same symptoms appear during a bout of hay fever, a dose of the remedy “Allium Cepa” (made from onion) is the homeopathic of choice. What the onion can produce in a healthy person (watery eyes and a runny nose) it can treat in the unwell. Treating with the right remedy, in the right way, can halt symptoms in their tracks and shorten the duration and the severity of certain illnesses.

Safe for use in pregnancy and breastfeeding, and easy to administer to babies.


Consider this remedy when the discharges are bland, thick, and either opaque, yellow, or yellow/green. This discharge could come from the nose, from the ear (like during an ear infection), etc. Symptoms like a cough, are often worse at night or in warm rooms (better in cold or open air) and can interrupt/prevent sleep. The nose may be blocked and the child/adult may experience a loss of smell and taste. The cough may be dry at night and loose in the morning. Children needing Pulsatilla are often very emotional, sensitive, timid, clingy, weep easily, and crave attention and sympathy, at this stage of illness. They don’t want to be put down or left alone. To understand when and how to use this product, including dosing, check out our Tissue Salts and Homeopathy Curve for Illness guide. 

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Illness is an opportunity for the immune system to learn and grow. When illness strikes, the faster we start to support the immune system with the tools it needs to heal, the faster the child/adult will recover, and the less likelihood of the illness progressing to something more serious that requires medication such as antibiotics. We recommend having a copy of this helpful guide as it walks you through how to use homeopathics and tissue salts during acute illness. Dosing is provided in the guide for newborns up to adulthood. CLICK HERE to learn more and pick up your copy today.

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