Ferrum Phosphoricum

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Potency: 6X
This product is recommended for 2 FUNCTIONS: 
  1. Improve Iron Absorption
  2. Prevent/Support Acute Illness
Ferrum phosphoricum makes up hemoglobin that carries oxygen throughout the body. It is commonly recommended to support fatigue and anemia. It doesn't provide iron, however, it helps improve the body's ability to absorb iron. It can also help reduce hemorrhages (nose bleeds, excessive menstrual flow, and wounds).
This is a great product for women during preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum who are looking to improve their iron status (used in conjunction with iron supplementation and/or an iron-rich diet). It is also a great product for children who have low iron or who are struggling to get enough iron-rich foods in their diet (including vegetarian and vegan children). Note that Ferrum Phosphoricum tissue salts do not cause constipation like many other iron supplements.
Note: This is a REPLACEMENT PRODUCT for The Curve Kit

Tissue salts (cell salts) are homeopathically prepared minerals that play a critical role in our health. There are 12 in total. They were first developed by a German doctor named Wilhelm Schüessler, who studied ash residue as a means of better understanding the human body. In the ash he found 12 minerals and discovered that these minerals were the foundation for the body structure and were also essential for proper operation of all tissues and organs.

Dr. Schüessler discovered that ill-health was caused by an imbalance of these tissue salts in the cells of our body. In fact, if this balance is upset, there can be a change in the state of immunity and resistance to microbes. Nowadays, modern lifestyle involving stress, poor nutrition, processed food, electro-pollution, environmental toxins, exposure to heavy metals, and contaminated drinking water results in many children becoming easily depleted.

From a preventative perspective, it’s important to ensure tissue salts are well balanced in the body. In an acute situation, they are extremely helpful at restoring balance and helping the body bring itself back into a state of health.

Safe for use in pregnancy and breastfeeding, and easy to administer to babies.


This tissue salt is also given during the early stages of fever and inflammation or when one feels a cold or flu coming on in conjunction with being tired and run down. In fact, a Philadelphia homeopath, Dr. Garth Boericke, once described Ferrum phos as “the children’s antibiotic,” and suggested providing it immediately in cases of fever, coughing, and congestion. To understand when and how to use this product, including dosing, check out our Tissue Salts and Homeopathy Curve for Illness guide

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Illness is an opportunity for the immune system to learn and grow. When illness strikes, the faster we start to support the immune system with the tools it needs to heal, the faster the child/adult will recover, and the less likelihood of the illness progressing to something more serious that requires medication such as antibiotics. We recommend having a copy of this helpful guide as it walks you through how to use homeopathics and tissue salts during acute illness. Dosing is provided in the guide for newborns up to adulthood. CLICK HERE to learn more and pick up your copy today.

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