GutPro Probiotic Spoon Set

Product image 1GutPro Probiotic Spoon Set
Product image 2GutPro Probiotic Spoon Set
Product image 3GutPro Probiotic Spoon Set

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Spoon Set with GutPro®/GutPro® Infant Probiotic with Dosage Key Tags

Our measuring spoon set includes four handy dosage charts attached to the keyring for GutPro®/GutPro® Infant Probiotic

Why is a measuring spoon set important? Our probiotics are pure, meaning they're highly concentrated with no fillers  - formulated unlike any other products on the market.* While your dose may seem like a minimal amount of powder, it's very important to start small, as our probiotics are extremely potent and effective.

(Keep in mind, store-bought probiotics can be up to 90% fillers; that's why they usually do not require special dosing spoons).*

Start with only a portion of the smallest measuring spoon (see tag attached to the spoons) and increase in small increments over time or as guided by a qualified healthcare professional.

Warning: DO NOT take large doses of GutPro® Powder!

Note: Please be sure that your spoons are completely dry before use. Moisture can impair the potency of the probiotic powders within the bottle.

The potency of the powder is different than the potency of the capsules, therefore the spoons are only designed to be used with the powder. Accurately and easily measure your powdered probiotics with this convenient little spoon set. This will allow you to build up to your own specific needs, and allow the entire family to dose appropriately. 

Each spoon set comes with 2 key tags, with measuring charts on each side.

The smallest spoon on the set, the "drop", is 1/64 of a tsp. The second, the "smidgen", is 1/32 tsp and the third, the "pinch", is 1/16 tsp.

Spoons must be dry before using.

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